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  1. Hi Reynard, Thanks for your reply. Answering your questions: I am not using rs232_driver library. I realise that there is an error with BAUD rate when I am using that particular crystal. Previously I used 20MHz and programmed in MPLAB at 9600 rate and it worked fine. Is my problem just a difference in compilers, that does not allow any frequency errors? The code I posted compiles with #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 3276800 line commented out, it does not compile otherwise. Do I need this pragma at all? as I set the clock rate in the settings for the device anyway. Please correct
  2. Hi everyone, I am using PIC16F88 with a 3.2768MHz crystal, MAX232 and my hardware UART seems not to work perfectly. The pragma CLOCK_FREQ would not compile, so I had to comment it out. The error said: Can't generate RS232 with the current parameters. But it did compile if I changed the clock freq to 4Mhz or 8Mhz or 20 MHz(whole number). I know that the MAX232 generates correct signal levels and even transmitts the number of bits correctly, but the BAUD rate is wrong, so when I used HyperTerminal and tried to echo the character, it would return the wrong character from the one I sent. Th
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