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  1. G'day all, I've written a small hex file parser that might be useful for understanding these files. I've found it so useful, I've decided to made it available for free. It will expand and examine each line in the hex file, and display a much easier to understand breakdown of each line, including the full load address, all data, and even character data in a dump-like format. Please note : This is NOT a disassembler or reverse assembler or anything like that. It's a simple tool to help eliminate the mindless tedium of counting ASCII characters and adding base addresses. And I'm not p
  2. During the installation of SB V6.93 on Windows XP x64 edition, the installation folder is determined correctly : C:\Program Files (x86)\... but the integration step shows : C:\Program Files\... as the default, instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\... It's a very minor problem, and editing the text field resulted in a perfect install, so hopefully it's easy to fix! Kind regards, PCPete
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