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  1. Oops! I found the -hexela linker option. I guess it's not a bug.
  2. Is there a good way to do a proper modulus ( remainder) calculation eg: intvar = intvar%10 ? according to the manual 19%10 =1 in boostc, but everywhere else it's 9, and I need it to be so. This is the only C implementation I've ever seen that a modulus is a binary operator! Heck- While I'm at it- it's the only implementation i've seen where basic arithmentic operators aren't threadsafe!
  3. Bug Description: Addresses in .hex files are misinterpreted by Microchip's FS USB Demo tool (bootload programmer) PDFSUSB.exe, but are correctly read by PICKit2 Hex file is missing the extended linear address record record type 04 Steps to produce: Build a project and load hex file using PDFSUSB.exe Expected behavior: With the record, addresses in hex files are correctly interpreted. Appears to happen 100% of the time - at least on successive versions of my simple program IDE MPLab 8.30 Boostc Version 6.93 Target device 18F4550 Additional information; Microchip's he
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