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  1. Gentlemen, The i2c example program in the C/BoostC directory fails to compile for me. I'm using SB 5.9.7 with all of the latest patches. I've tried several different PICs including the 16f767 and some higher end 18fs. When I complile the program I get: BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 2.2.5 Beta (for PIC18 architecture) http://www.picant.com/c2c/c.html Copyright© 2004-2005 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2005 David Hobday line 70: Illegal redefinition of symbol: PORTC line 71: Illegal redefinition of symbol: TRISC 2 errors detected Error: preprocessing error fa
  2. IDE 5.8 BoostC v1.9.2 PIC 16F627 @ 4MHz Hi, The following is a very simple test program that consistently causes BoostC16.pic.exe to get an Internal Error. Attempting to compile this program more than once hangs my computer. I'm running XP, SP2. #include <system.h> char myArray[3][4] = {"abc", "def", "ghi"}; void main() { } Help! Regards, Perry
  3. Pavel, Thank you for fixing it so quickly. Regards, Perry
  4. I downloaded the latest 1.9.1 releases and tried to compile the i2c.c sample program in the samples\c\BoostC directory. I get the following output as well as having the original unmodified source file i2c.c deleted by the compiler. (I'm not kidding, the source file gets deleted during the compile!) I've tried this on two different PCs both running XP, one with SP2 the other without the SP2 patch applied. Both PCs did the exact same thing. I've picked the 18F877 as the target CPU. BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 1.9.1 Beta (test build) (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.pi
  5. Pavel, Yes this does work, however, my ic-prog programmer software has long since "whacked" the osccal value. I presume that there's no way to recover that... Does anyone else know of a "free" programming package that doesn't erase the osccal that works with JDM programers? I don't think the MicroChip software is free... Thank you though! And thank you for writing/supporting such a great development platform! Regards, Perry P.S. Is there a more comprehensive manual that documents the full BoostC product? The help file is good but seems to skip detail in many areas. I'
  6. Pavel, Did the OSCCAL feature/fix ever get implemented, I using BoostC 1.8 with a 12F675? I try setting the osccal variable with a value within the code (osccal = 0xfe;) and I still get complaints about OSCCAL not being set from my programmer, ic-prog. I also tried including the bit of assembler asm { call 0x3FF movw osccal, f } but I keep getting an "error in built in assembly" for the movw line. Thanks, Perry
  7. Pavel, I just realized that I downloaded 1.8 but never applied it. Sorry, my mistake! I just unzipped it and now the message is gone. Regards, Perry
  8. I'm a registered IDE 5.7 and BoostC 1.6 user. I recently downloaded the BoostC 1.8 alpha. Now when I compile a program I keep getting warnings about 1.8 alpha expiring in three days (as of today). Will there be a new version or did I hose something up by downloading the 1.8? Thanks!
  9. I registered yesterday and my wizard is grayed out too. However, I do have a template directory, but it's empty. Could someone please zip the contents of their tempate directory and post it? Thanks!
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