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  1. Oh man I am such and idiot. I did have that set, but somewhere along the line I must of deleted that section! Anyway everything works great now, thanks so much for all your help! David
  2. that is closer to what i am trying to accomplish! now the screen shows "Connected" when the serial information starts being received, but then goes to "Not Connected" almost right away even if serial information is being sent (info sent every 2 seconds). I am still pretty new to this and am mostly going off of other peoples examples so I am not sure if I implemented the "getc()" function properly to read in my string. I have attached the whole program in case i am not setting a register in the right way. also just so I can try to understand things better, the "gets()" function waits f
  3. Hello, I have a PIC18F4520 and am trying to write a program that detects if serial information has stopped being sent to the PIC. I have a small PC program that sends out serial information every couple of seconds. I need the PIC program to detect if the user has stopped the program abnormally. I stripped down the actual program in hopes that it would be easier to understand in a post. Basically what I want to accomplish is the program to output “Connected” if serial information is there, and “Not Connected” if serial information is not detected for 5 seconds. I was trying to
  4. thanks so much! adding that "adcon1 = 0x0f" worked out perfectly
  5. I am new to boostc and I am trying to modify the example "BUTTON TEST" under the post "pic Micro Programming In Boostc For Beginners" except using a 18F4520 (from my PICDEM2 Plus) using Port A for my switches and port B for my output LEDs I am just trying to turn on the corresponding LED for the switch that is pressed. the only switch that ever works is the one associated with ra4. I verified that all of the LEDs work with the ra4 switch and I was wondering if there is something wrong with my code? Thanks! #include <system.h> #include <string.h> #include <icd2.h>
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