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  1. I tried to compile a file with the pragma _INTRC_OSC_NOCLK. It gave an error pointing to this define. I changed the define in the include file to #define _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT 0x3FFC (appending the OUT) everything compiled successfully. Regards Booster
  2. When you link the file into another project is it for the 18F8490 ? If you want to create a generic library file select plain PIC18 or PIC16 for the target device. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The target was set to generic (18F) in the lib file. I have ensured that the target is 18f8490 in the main source file.
  3. I have generated a lib file for the 18f8490. It will link ok with the main source file if I leave it as a c or .obj file but I get a linker errors when I try and link it as an added file in the workspace. Typical errors are: unable to allocate fixed var: eecon2 at address 000000f7 If I substitute the 18f8620 as the target in the options menu, the linker works ok. any ideas? Booster
  4. I simulated the boost4bit.c lcd test suite on the 16f84 @20MHz. RESULTS: Simulatuion: ok Real-Time : ok I modified the header file to accept 4MHZ based timing delays to run on the 16F628 (using internal 4MHZ clock - no clockout). I reconfigured high nibble data port as PORTA. RESULTS: Simulation: ok Real-Time : gave garbage on lcd but garbage 'on time' appeared to be consistent with expected correct display 'on time'. After looking at the spec I found that RA5 can ONLY be configured as digital input, NOT as I/O. The LCD plugin lets the configuration pass as output. Boo
  5. I'd just like to post this thanks for great tech support from Pavel. It would be good if other organizations followed his example!! Booster
  6. any suggestions to the alpha version expired message every time i try to compile? Pavel sent me two suggestiion but neither worked. my clock was put back to march 1995 by a trojan (now killed) I reset clock and did clockfix following and using Pavel's key code. I 've tried all the usual: 1 completely removing everything. 2 cleaning and scanning registry for any remnant of sourceboost or boostc 3 doing a string scan of all files on disk and removing any refs all I get now is the recurring 'alpha version expired' or 'key expired' message box. This is a great compiler (I'm used
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