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  1. hello, I have a problem, I echo a project 16F84A pic, and an LCD. with LCD monitors the status of a relay and an outlet controlled by PWM. the problem is if i leave the program just as I have it and it works, I have available for the relay outputs and PWM. I then opted for two exits, 1. put 4bits LCD mode, is more logical because I have so ja routines for any project. 2. use a 16F628A, the problem is not going to pick up the program. but good and opted for the first i and then I'll manage to operate on a 16F628A. BELOW you herewith the basic program with the configuration
  2. thanks for your answers. I have thought better and I have first tested the program with the PIC16F84 and I do not work. the problem comes because I want to use the display mode 4bits to save pins. I work in 8bit mode, and I recovered a program of your page to make it work 4b i no way it will work. the program works, but no message comes in, leaving symbols have if I echo something wrong !!!!! thanks for all, then the program dim dato as byte dim cont as byte dim cadena as string(38) dim j as byte dim cadena2 as string(15) dim puls1 as bit dim puls2 as by
  3. hi, I'm new to the forum, I have a question. I need to program the ports A and B as digital I / Os. I am working with pic 16F628A, deputy program with the pic 16F84A works, but with f628a not going. thanks for your attention. I am Spanish and I wrote it with a translator, I hope is not too bad.
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