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  1. Dave, Did a google search for the error message and it looked like it was related to having removable drives mounted when things were installed, and then looked for later. I had a bunch of 'drive letters' representing a built in CF card reader. I disabled all of them, and now the problem is gone! Thanks for looking into it- I had always just assumed it was a boostc problem since it started after an upgrade... windows can be so weird sometimes. Scott Wilson
  2. Dave, It looks like I made a typo when copying over the command line... mine only has one 't'. The command works, and I get a properly linked file, but I get that error message popping up. Scott
  3. Command line is: C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\Samples\C\BoostC>"C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boosttlink.pic.exe" /ld "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\lib" libc.pic18.lib I2C_Test.obj /t PIC18F452 /d "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\Samples\C\BoostC" /p i2c_test Installation directory is the default c:\Program Files\SourceBoost I'm with Windows 2000, with the latest service packs/patches. I get no actual errors on the console, everything there looks fine. Its just the popup error that is the problem.
  4. I use the command line to compile and link my boosc projects. Compiles are fine, but when linking I get the following popup errors: 'There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR6.' I can cancel my way through these (about 4 of them), and the program is linked correctly, but its become a major hassle. I've tested this on the sample project 'I2C_test'. The IDE links without error, but using the command line shown in the IDE I get the error. I'm currently using 6.35. BTW This didn't use to happen, I think it started somewhere around 6
  5. Can extra node licenses be purchased at a later time, or must they be purchased with the product? Also, did you come to a conclusion about boostc for linux? If it becomes available would I be able to buy an extra node, or would I have to buy a seperate product? Thanks, Scott Wilson
  6. bsane

    _startup Bug

    Sorry for the long delay... I've been out of town. I have a project that should generate the bug, let me know if you want it, and where I should send it. Of course I no longer see the bug with the latest version
  7. bsane

    _startup Bug

    I'm using BoostC 2.2. Problem: When _startup crosses a page boundary PCLATH doesn't get set correctly. Example: ORG 0x000007E2 07E2 _startup 07E2 01FF CLRF gbl_rxRead . . . 080F 01FF CLRF gbl_rxWrite 0810 2FB0 GOTO main ORG 0x00000811 Example code with _startup just after boundary: ORG 0x00000821 0821 _startup 0821 01FF CLRF gbl_rxRead . . . 084E 01FF CLRF gbl_rxWrite 084F 118A BCF PCLATH,3 0850 2FAA GOTO main The work around I'm using is to pad main() so that _startup doesn't cross the boundary.
  8. I second that request I would really like to get away from windows as my development environment...
  9. I'm using BoostC 1.9.3 with a 16F876A, and having problems with the supplied software USART... I set up all the required variables, but it appears that the delay loop is not correct. From the documentation it expects the loop to be 8 instructions long, but it appears to me to only be less (maybe there is better optimization now? ;-) ) I got it to work by subsituting an appropriate delay instead of the code supplied. Scott Wilson
  10. bsane

    Compile Time

    A PII is pretty dated for almost anything, but I think compilation is slow on my 1Ghz box. Is the compiler going to get faster when its out of beta?
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