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  1. Sorry, just wanted to get an idea of size % on the chip when I use most of the functions.
  2. I want all functions left as boilerplate in my code for the asm. I get the following BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.96 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2009 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2009 David Hobday Optimisation level:0 - Off Optimisation level:0 - Off Warning unreferenced functions removed: FCI_FLOAT_TO_STRING in: C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\FCD\internals.h FCI_NUMBER_TO_HEX in: C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\FCD\internals.h FCI_STRING_TO_INT in: C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\FCD\internals.h
  3. I had the same happen. The fix was to rerun the installer, making sure I clicked the MPLAB support install button. It doesn't seem to be enough to copy the files; most likely the installer adds registry entries. Note that you need to both check MPLAB in the list and click the button during installation. Thank you very much. Kevin
  4. Mplab 8,4 IDE is not seeing my SourceBoostC++ Toolsuite V6.96. I have copied the mtc and ini files to the proper directory but it still does not list it in available toolsuites. When I use another toolsuite placeholder and direct it to the sourceboost compiler and linker, mplab does not see the project directories without an include flag on the compiler command line. Everything in the project works with the SourceBoost IDE but I want to use the tcp protocol stack of Microchip so I would prefer to use their IDE.
  5. I would like to download the modbus demo shown on the website. Is there somewhere I can download all demos or do I have to download one file at a time?
  6. kdoney


    Yes. The limited version of Boostc wasn't what I needed, so I bought BoostC++. So when I use just BoostC, I am not licensed? Kevin
  7. When I register my C++ compiler I see "success" in both of the command windows but when I compile something for pic18 I see a restriction of 8192 bytes and 2 ram banks.
  8. I just bought a full license of Boostc so I could add some hardware to some that I got with flowcode (MIAC) and when I go to compile the code I get many errors, including compiler directive errors. Any suggestions?
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