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  1. We need more information, please post what appears in the Output->Build window (you can select the text and copy and paste it into a forum post). Regards Dave This is copied from the build window: Executing: "C:\MCC18\mpasm\MPASMWIN.exe" /q /p18F452 "f452tmpo.asm" /l"f452tmpo.lst" /e"f452tmpo.err" /o"f452tmpo.o" Executing: "C:\MCC18\bin\mplink.exe" "18f452.lkr" "C:\Documents and Settings\manderson\My Documents\MPLAB_Projects\Tutorial\f452tmpo.o" /m"tutorial.map" /w /o"tutorial.cof" MPLINK 4.34, Linker Copyright © 2009 Microchip Technology Inc. Errors : 0 MP2HEX 4.34
  2. I am trying to get MPLAB to compile a simple program as outlined by the tutorial section of the MPLAB User's Guide. Everything builds okay except that it complains "Failed to load C:\Documents and Settings\manderson\My Documents\MPLAB_Projects\Tutorial\tutorial.cof". It doesn't complain in the build output, instead a little window pops up that says that. Any ideas? Mark
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