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  1. I had the same happen. The fix was to rerun the installer, making sure I clicked the MPLAB support install button. It doesn't seem to be enough to copy the files; most likely the installer adds registry entries. Note that you need to both check MPLAB in the list and click the button during installation.
  2. Many thanks for the info! Maybe SB is saving their bullets for v7 since it appears to be around the corner. Mostly I work with ARM and MIPS, hence these beginner questions. This particular project was for a demo at CES where a PIC connects to the serial console of a Linux/MIPS-based blu-ray player; I was creating a demo of our middleware product on that platform and getting it launched required attaching to the console and typing commands. No way of auto launching it without rebuilding a complete system (root cramfs), which is outlandishly complex due to secure boot and BD certificates hav
  3. The following code results in a linker error: // -*- c++ -*- // Device: PIC18F1320 #include <system.h> typedef unsigned char uint8_t; #include "usart.h" static Usart _usart; void main() { _usart.init(); for (;;) _usart.putc(_usart.getc()); // NOREACH } Header file (usart.h): class Usart { public: void init() { // SYNC=0, BRGH=1, BRG16=1 // SPBRG=16, -2.12% error txsta = 0x24; rcsta = 0x90; baudctl = 0x08; spbrg = 16; // 115.2k spbrgh = 0; } void putc(uint8_t c) { while (!txsta.TRMT) continue; txreg = c; } uint8_t getc() { while (!pir1.RCIF) continue
  4. Here's another question raised by using MPLAB 8.43... Whenever I build it always does a clean followed by a complete rebuild. I'm also unable to use settings presets (like Debug and Release) - the pulldown is disabled. Is this normal for third-party tools in MPLAB? I'd use the BoostSource IDE except I need ICD2 debugger integration. I suppose I could create plugins for the simulator for the LCD and peripherals, but that's clearly orthogonal to the task at hand.
  5. Here's probably a dumb question. Does BoostC++ expect extended mode instructions to be enabled in the device config? Also, I notice that libc's mul_*() routines use hardware multiply on PIC18 - while hw mul is a PIC18 extension if I understand correctly it's available regardless of whether extended instructions (XINST) is enabled in the device config? I guess this was really two dumb questions...
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