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  1. Disregard my quote post, slip of the finger. I tried: bit load @ 5.0 ; The compiler seems to be ok with it. Alternatively I could create a GPIO char that acesses to the GPIO register and access each individual bit? ie char GPIO 5 ; GPIO.0 = 0; Although I dont think it likes variables to be the same name as registers, but not a big problem. ~o.p.
  2. Just drop the #pragma i.e. bit load @ 5.0 ; // variable (load) is being assigned to the pin 0 Check the reference manual for more info. Regards davidb Thanks david but it didnt work. There's nothing in the manual about this that I can see.
  3. I've been trying to assing a variable to a pin on the GPIO port of a 12f683. I cant seem to get the syntax right, do I need to use pragma and define the variable name at the right address of that port in memory? My code is #pragma bit load @ 5.0 ; // variable (load) is being assigned to the pin 0 Any help? Thanks.
  4. This happens when I try and build the program. I know it has something to do with a linker file maybe but I'm not sure. Help please!
  5. What was the outcome of this post? I'm having the same problem. Thanks.
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