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  1. I have just upgraded to Sourceboost v705 from v705 and am now receiving an error when trying to execute the programmer (in this case WinPic800). The settings in Options/Tools/Programmer havent changed but I now get the follpwing error "Programming... C:\Program Files\WinPic800\WinPic800.exe -DPIC18F458 Debug\RemoteStation.hex Failed to spawn (C:\Program Files\WinPic800\WinPic800.exe -DPIC18F458 Debug\RemoteStation.hex). Check if path to this external application is correct. (Error code 2) Done"
  2. Pavel, thanks for the reply. I downloaded the v7.01 plugins from: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/...ins/plugins.exe Does the new version of 7segmentLEDs have a different name? Perhaps the old version has a different name and is not overwritten upon installation of the v7.01 plugins. I deleted the files 7segmentLEDs.dll and 7segmentLEDs.html and tried reinstallation of the v7.01 plugins, but no new files of the same name were created. 7segmentLEDs came from a third party author. It's the author responsibility to update plugin sources and produce a new executable that will
  3. I have the same problen with a 24LC32 useing the same code. I also have a Phillips PCF8583 clock on the same bus and it works faultlessly whicj brings me to suspect the eeprom device BUT I dont know.
  4. Which PIC18F???? are supported in BoostC. There are none in the drop down box of the Targets. I have Version 6.25
  5. Using Boostc I am receiving a compile error in the ASM Config block, specifically in the line __config etc If I compile under C2C then there is no error // (7): error: error in built-in assembler full code as follows // Define device config block asm { list p=16F873A __config H'3F7A' ;PROTECT50&HS&WDTDIS&PWRTDIS&BORDIS&LVPDIS&DUNPROT&WRTEN&DEBUGDIS } void main() { }
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