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  1. Hi Reynard, Thank you very much.... It works fine. Best regards and greetings from germany Coder
  2. Hello, i have a problem with following code: asm { LABEL1: goto LABEL1; } =>internal error: can't add label 'LABEL1' I looked at the forum and found different solutions for that, but nothing works: 1.) asm => _asm the same Error 2.) LABEL1: => LABEL1: => error: error in built-in assembly 3.) :Label1 or :Label1 => error: error in built-in assembly 4.) LABEL1: => _LABEL1: Compiler hangs My equipment: - Windows 7 prof - MPLab X IDE v1.95 - BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 7.20 (for PIC16 architecture) - PIC16F1825
  3. Hello, sorry, i found a problem, that i can't understood. Hope someone can help me... I used following code: ########## unsigned char cFilter = 0x80; for (char c=0; c<8; c++) { ToggleOutput(); // toggle a output on the pic cFilter >>= 1; // or /=2; Same result } ########## I connected a Oszi on the output and look at the screen. I saw that the output toggle not on a staibe frequency. It startet slow and with every toggle faster (half time). After some tests i found out, that some changes set the code in correct function: ######
  4. Hi Pavel, ok, nice description. But i'm missing a description of what is done after we report a bug. Would be nice to get a little statement like: - Bug could be reproduced - Solved at version... .... Something like that. Will that be done? Greetings Coder
  5. Hi, there is a problem with all optimation off and the eeprom_write(). The disassembled code looks like this (optimation off): --- E:\Prg\compiler.6\picantc\libc\eeprom\eeprom.c --------------------------------------------- ... 020D 3055 MOVLW 0x55 020E 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5 020F 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6 0210 008D MOVWF 0xd 0211 30AA MOVLW 0xaa 0212 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5 0213 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6 0214 008D MOVWF 0xd ... The disassembled code for optimation on looks like this: --- E:\Prg\compiler.6\picantc\libc\eep
  6. Hello Pavel, Now i use 6.96! Result after that: cOut = 0x07; Result after that: Coder happy! Thank you very much! Coder
  7. Hi Pavel, Sorry, you wrote that you need it and i forgott it... IDE Version 6.6 CCompiler Version? how can i get it? No File-Version, no entry in the IDE, no idea... Helpfile BoostC.pdf Version 1.18 I translate it for a PIC16F876A Thank you and Greetings Coder
  8. Hello, i dont understand following problem: char c = 9; int i = 9; int iCode = 0xFFFF; char cOut = 0; if (test_bit(iCode,9)) set_bit(cOut,0); if (test_bit(iCode,c)) set_bit(cOut,1); if (test_bit(iCode,i)) set_bit(cOut,2); Result after that: cOut = 0x01; ??? Why word the first if (or the first test_bit - or the combination - don't knew) correct and the other not? Could somebody help? Thanks alot Coder
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