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  1. The class member (pMember) returns unexpected values when referenced. #include <system.h> char* pGlobal = 0x500; class CTest { public: CTest() { char* pReceipient = 0; char* pLocal = 0x500; pReceipient = (char*) &pGlobal[1]; // pReceipient = 0x501 pReceipient = (char*) &pLocal[1]; // pReceipient = 0x501 pReceipient = (char*) &pMember[1]; // pReceipient = Different values depending on size of build char* pDummy = pReceipient; }; private: char* pMember = 0x500; }; void main() { CTest Test; }
  2. Dave, Thanks for the licence key clarification. I did spend a hour or so trawling the passport site looking for answers, and there certainly seemed to be a trend with 2k causing AV's as the end-users upgraded to faster machines. some were fixed by altering the passport options, others were actually bugs. I did consider wrapping one of my own consul apps to find out which options caused the problem, but as security conscious developers would likely receive such recommendations as ill-advised, I dropped the idea. As I appear to be the only one trying to use the Amd & 2k
  3. Hi Dave, I'm a little bit sceptical about the Windows licence issue because 3 different 2k licence's have already been tried. Plus the fact that my 2k licence does work with an Intel P3 box, but not on any AMD box. The 3 Licences tried:- 1 - Pre-installed OEM on a laptop. 2 - Retail Pro on an XP2000+ 3 - Retail Pro on XP2200+, Amd64-3000+ and Amd64-4000 Dual core. I have also tried someone else's "fix" regarding "user" as opposed to "administrator" account. This also has no affect. However I do have access to 6 or 7 other 2k Pro retail packs at work. (Purchased over a peri
  4. Are there any other users either:- Successfully using Boostc with windows 2000 with an AMD processor ? - or - Having problems using Boostc with windows 2000 with an AMD processor ?
  5. Hi, I'm having big problems running Boostc. When I first got the software & licence I tried using it on a AMD XP2200+ with Win2K, but it kept throwing up "Access violations" So I tried it on an Old Intel P3 with the same copy of Win2K and It worked. Now the P3 mother-Board has died and my new machine is a AMD64 dual core and I'm still using the same copy of Win2K, But like the Xp2200+ Boostc keeps throwing "Access violations" so much so that I cannot even get the licence installed. I did notice on the forum that certain Win2k licence keys maybe the problem, but since I'
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