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  1. oh well, perhaps someday. Keep up the good work on Sourceboost, it's a great compiler. As an alternative, perhaps easier...perhaps not. Would it be possible to link to libraries created with MPLAB? The idea being a blob of code such as the much desired CDC stack can be created with MPLAB then linked to a sourceboost codebase. Even a manual process of static linking would help. Surely it's just a matter of getting the right function locations, making sure sourceboost doesn't clobber MPLAB variables and getting call stack conventions right. A shim of sourceboost code could surround the calls. Phil
  2. Hi, Has there been any progress in implementing bit fields in the latest releases of Sourceboost. I'd basically like to drop in Microchip CDC USB stack without major surgery....ie have something like typedef union _USB_DEVICE_STATUS2 { byte _byte; struct { unsigned RemoteWakeup:1;// [0]Disabled [1]Enabled: See usbdrv.c,usb9.c unsigned ctrl_trf_mem:1;// [0]RAM [1]ROM }; } USB_DEVICE_STATUS2; compile and access it like USB_DEVICE_STATUS usb_stat; usb_stat.ctrl_trf_mem = 1;
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