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  1. My new toshiba with windows 8 seems to be working fine, its a C55D, I also put mplabx on there and its working so far...good luck!
  2. Yea I just clicked windows 7 compatibility mode, didn't seem to help the wizard error issue. When I installed it , it gave me an issue on a VB file..I just clicked thru it LOL, it just compiled my project tho so, I'll try it at home and see. and what does "not been much support from the writers in a long time" mean, sourceboost????
  3. Does this work under windows 8? I did manage to install on a new laptop, but I don't want to get it licensed if not. I tried project wizard and it gave me an error, I do have my desktop licensed... Chuck
  4. Anyone have a quick done routine to store a float to eeprom? I looked quite a bit and perhaps I didn't follow the setup or I missed something. thanks, or point me to where? Chuck
  5. I am looking at a fluid flow meter issue, which can pulse in input from 0(stopped) to 30khz(full tilt). I put together a routine with tmr1 that will measure >3hz to 30khz pretty accurately... under that frequency I am a bit lost. I am using RC0 on ( i know its an older pic) 16f877a. I'm reading the tmr1l and tmr1h registers and displaying on lcd the frequency, my Oscope says it works. Essentially this is a metering pump controller. When the liquid is stopped thats fine I dont run a pump. BUT If it pumps about one gallon in an hour, the meter very slowly transitions over the period
  6. Thanks, yea, I'm getting there, not much more math after these few lines, now its just monitoring a few inputs and such. my naming convention stinks but I write all this on the fly then go back and make it sensible for the next guy to rip up LOL Happy New Year! BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 7.20 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2013 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2013 David Hobday Caution: argument of 'delay_us' calls must have a value of 1 or more Warning unreferenced functions removed: bad_swr in: C:\Users\chuck\Documents\SourceBoost\Samples\C\BoostC\swrmeter.c Bu
  7. also the reason I am needing the floats (so I think) is that the calibration is done over a range of power inputs, then calculated from a slope of a line in excel, as in y = .0948 and x = -37.62 to make the readings linear.
  8. void Calculate_Power(){ /* the formula for VSWR =(1+ sqrt(Prev/Pfwd))/(1-sqrt(Prev/Pfwd)) / just watching the two ADC inputs 0-1023 / I used CH0 and CH1 as an0 and an1, so int temp =CH1/CH0 / I made temp1 a float of int temp so I could use the float sqrt functions / temp2 is the sqrt of temp1, bla bla bla and you can follow the rest / is there a more easy way? since the math functions to me arn't there? / perhaps I have missed something?? thanks , chuck / */ float temp1,temp2,temp3,temp4; temp1 = float32_from_int32(temp); // this is from temp=(CH1/CH0); temp2 = float32_sqrt(temp1)
  9. I poked thru the web and this forum, a few posts but not exactly this question.. I want to send some special characters to the LCD, its working fine with text so far. I am building a "meter" and want the lower line of a 4x20 lcd display to be blocks from 0 to 20 blacked in, depending on my power input to the ADC, which I have working and printing out the data in text on line 0. I read the lcd_driver.h file.. but I didnt understand where I could put the lcd into a mode to write it such as in this example http://www.circuitvalley.com/2012/02/lcd-custom-character-hd44780-16x2.html
  10. I am using the easypic5 development board from Mikroe and a 16f876 chip, all switches are tripple checked for on off and I'm 90% sure this is configured right I have been fighting this for a week! kind of an obsession now! The display is a HD4478 based 4 line running in 4 bit mode, board powered from both usb and had powered externally to see if I was having a power issue. I thought at one point the optimization was doing something so I turned that off... so the issue.. I have 2 pots on the board that put 0-5v on the an0 and an1 pins I can get these 2 routines to run individually and t
  11. I loaded it here at work, used the plugins supplied and it works, I need to go back home and see what the scoop is, perhaps its pointing to a bad directory or something...no clue yet..maybe working directories all need to be reconfigured..I work out of several ones depending on what I am doing... chuck
  12. I just paid and downloaded the extras..very new to this... do I need to use includes for the plugins? when I debug..it just keeps running and the button and led that I dropped onto the code pane disapear? looked thru help and most of the forum..sorry to be so green thanks. Chuck
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