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  1. Dave, Ok thanks. I thought there may have been a way using ALIASES to do this. Fraser
  2. Hi, Trying to look at the outputs from a 12F683 using the LED bank, put there is no GPIO option in pull down menu. I have tried typing GPIO in the box and saving but again nothing happens to the LEDs when the simulation runs. Am I doing something silly? Fraser
  3. Hi, I am trying out some of the examples programs supplied to gain some experience of the environment etc. I have taken the Interrupt16 example and modified this for the 12F683, using GPIO instead of PortB, and TRISIO for TRISB. Everything compiles fine but when I simulate this with the bank of LEDs, nothing happens. In the configuration for the LED bank I have typed in GPIO and.. nothing. Is this the right approach or am I being silly? Fraser
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