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  1. Reading this again integration is for old MPLAB not MPLABX. Managed to install plugin manually following instructions. Thanks.
  2. At the end of installation I get error - Can't locate MPLAB language suite directory. BoostC integration into MPLAB failed.
  3. While building I get error window "c_pic16 has stopped working"
  4. I removed some personal comment lines. Line 18 is the Config1 setting. Turned optimization off but still not working.
  5. I am trying to compile a project in Chameleon that was working with BoostC. What is this error please? Building... "C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\c_pic16.exe" GsmRemote.c -16x -t PIC16F1825 -idx 1 -obj Release -d _RELEASE warning: unrecognised command line argument -16x (ignored) GsmRemote.c(18): error: failed to parse input file GsmRemote.c Chameleon(tm) Optimizing C Compiler Version 7.42 Beta 3 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright(C) 2017 Pavel Baranov Copyright(C) 2017 David Hobday GsmRemote.c Optimisation: optimised out 0 instruction(s) op
  6. How deos Cameleon compare to XC8 being both free? The free XC8 produces much larger code than BoostC so I am asking if its worth switching to Cameleon. Also would it be possible to use ICD3 or Pickit4 for degugging using Cameleon when integrated in MPLABX?
  7. I have a similar problem on PIC12F629. Here is my code volatile bit Green @ GPIO.GP1; volatile bit Out1 @ GPIO.GP5; ..... ...... while (true) { Green = 1; Out1 = 0; if (signalok() == true) { Green = 0; delay_us(200); Green = 1; delay_us(100); } } The Green pin is being put to 0 after the Out1 = 0. If I swap the lines - first Out1 = 0 then Green=1 then ofcourse Green stays 1. I have tried to use a latch but still did not work gplatch = gpio; gplatch.5 = 0; gpio = gplatch; Any clues please?
  8. Never used unions since they dont look pretty to me. What I have is a char array Mysms and I fill it up with text and numbers using strcpy (first time) and strcat (for the rest). For converting numbers to string I am using uitoa_dec. I am using another array for uitoa_dec and then copying it to mysms array. Maybe I can give uitoa_dec the pointer to the last character of mysms directly? Would that work?
  9. I am using a lot of STRCPY and STRCAT but these also use pointers.
  10. void formattime(int time,char* type) Sorry I am passing pointers as above. My mistake.
  11. Can someone post a detailed procedure how to integrate Sourceboost in MPlab and how to use ICD3 debugger? I have the Pro license so would like to keep using sourceboost. My programs are getting always more complex and manual debugging is taking too long. Hope ICD3 will do the job.
  12. I am passing strings (char arrays) to functions maybe that is where they are used. With the 16F1825 I have 1024 bytes Ram which solved the problem. Useless to go back to 1824 trying to do magic for a few less cents
  13. I have since changed to Pic16F1825 but am still interested to solve the above problem.
  14. Changing mysms to 85 bytes I get the following How can 5 chars take 24 bytes?
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