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    Hello! I have been around the world, managed a successful IT company and electronics shop in which reverse engineering products was the norm. Recently I dumped all that to go back to school to study Electrical Engineering and begin filling in some of the gaps in my education. Oh, and I currently work in R&D. :)
  1. Ok, that compiles with a few warnings, but those are minor, I may look into seeing if I can adapt it to one of the newer pics later. Thank you for your time
  2. I tried to get the usb_serial project to compile, adding those few defines results in a large number of other errors. I am guessing that the picpack library made use of some feature that no longer exists in the new compiler in order to work its magic. Not being able to use that code is a sad thing Had it worked I was willing to change my project to use one of the supported micros. I know the pic16f1459 was recently added to the suppored list, one of the main reasons for choosing that chip is that it has USB capability. Do you know if there are any plans to implement a library to ma
  3. Awesome! Question, are there libraries to make use of the 16F1459 USB functionality? Just a FYI, The chip also is not listed yet on the sourceboost homepage for a supported device. Thanks! ThunderSqueak Take a look at [link=http://www.embeddedadventures.com]embedded adventures[/link]. They use to have a nice USB stack made with BoostC. It's been a long time since I looked at their tutorials, maybe they upgarded to their "picpak" library to handle teh more recent PICs. Best regards Jorge I have, That was the first thing I looked into when I saw there is now support fo
  4. Awesome! Question, are there libraries to make use of the 16F1459 USB functionality? Just a FYI, The chip also is not listed yet on the sourceboost homepage for a supported device. Thanks! ThunderSqueak
  5. Yep, it just happened to be the part I had selected at the time, normally I am using another pic that has a lower voltage ^^ Change the parameters to fit your target or make 2 batch files, one called program3v.bat and program5v.bat and just change it as needed since most the other stuff stays the same.
  6. Whoops! I found some of what I wanted for the editor in the options menu under editor YAY! Still, it would be nice to be able to just grab a function and rearrange them by dragging them while they are not expanded. Thanks again!
  7. I would love to see collapsible functions added to the sourceboostIDE is possible. It would make coding a lot nicer as you could then simply collapse the code you don't want to be concentrating on. Another nice feature would be the ability to drag the code around while it is collapsed, to allow a quick reorganization of the functions. Would this be something possible to do? For an example of collapsible functions you could look at programs such as codeblocks or notepad++. See the attached image for an example. There is also a bug when using a pickit3 and attempting to set it up in the
  8. Totally agree with this. Not having proper floating point support really hurts. I develop test equipment and enjoy using boostC, having a proper float would make things so much easier and keep me from constantly looking at other products to get the job done.
  9. oh ok, works now, thanks.... you had removed the project menu that you used in the v6 release and put everything under "workspace" this was a bit confusing at first. Thanks again! Jessie
  10. I tried this, still get the same issue. it works fine with version 7.00 but not 7.02 when I try to add anything to a project the menu items are grayed out and not selectable The build options also are still blank in 7.02 as shown below This is a picture of version 7.00 where everything works as expected, their are build options and I can make changes.
  11. When installed on either windows 7 ultimate 64bit or windows vista ultimate 32bit I noticed the same issue, under the build menu there are no options. Nothing to select. I have attatched a picture to show what I am refering too. I have tried this on several different machines and had the same result. Is this due to a missing font ? One machine was a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate x64 running on a 2Ghz AMD Athlon x2 with 4GB ram The other was an older install of windows Vista ultimate x86 running on a Q6600 with 4gb ram If you have any other questions, feel free
  12. Well for things like Frequency .. straight from the manual and for the rest of the pragma stuff, I found the easiest way was just to look into the header file for each micro as an example these are the #pragma options found in the pic18f45k20.h file (random one I had open because I am using the pickit3 demo board.) // The following is an assignment of address values for all of the // configuration registers for the purpose of table reads #define _CONFIG1H 0x00300001 #define _CONFIG2L 0x00300002 #define _CONFIG2H 0x00300003 #define _CONFIG3H 0x00300005 #define _CO
  13. Bug description: After upgrading to version 6.97 from 6.96 the auto update keeps saying it has a new version and if I download that update it is just another copy of 6.97 without the version number (sourceboost.exe and not sourceboostv697.exe) Steps to reproduce: go to the help menu and have it check for updates when using version 6.97 Expected behaviour: It should tell me I am up to date ? Is the problem 100% reproduceable: every time, especially if I have the software autocheck for updates. IDE version: 6.97 Compiler: BoostC Compiler version: it is in
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