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  1. I wrote an application in BoostC for the Matrix ECIO40P (PIC 18F4455). After downloading via the Matrix programmer, the application runs fine. But when I removed the USB power to the ECIO40P, and reapplied the power after about 5 secs, the program on the ECIO40P started to run, but the application does not work anymore ( I had a switch wired to porta.0). I had to reload the application from the matrix programmer again, and everything works fine. It appears the application program is not burnt into the flash memory, and when power is removed, the program is lost, and need to be reloaded. A
  2. Hi Chris, I've exactly the same problem. After upgrading to V7.01 from V6.97, the compiler can't compile to OBJ. Did you manage to solve the problem ? Rgds Glennon
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