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  1. G'day to all! LCD lprintf multiple numerical arguments not yet possible with current release of SB. Hope it will be possible on the future releases.... to further minimized coding. For example: int number1=120, number2=100, number3=50; lprintf("Display %u %u %u", number1,number2,number3); Best wishes and happy coding to all of you there!........
  2. Hello everyone! I just wanna ask for help about displaying characters on 2x16 LCD. In CCS, this is their way of put to characters on LCD: // Declare variables int i=20; int j=50; // put "Display: 20 50" on LCD-------- printf(lcd_putc,"Display: %u %u", i, j); I don't know how to do it to boostc..............
  3. Thank you very much. When will be the next major release version of sourceboost ide(Ver 6)?
  4. Hello everyone! Pls help me how to define a processor used on boostc. This sample code doesn't work on boostc..... // my header files asm { processor PIC16F84A include "P16F84A.INC" list p=16F84A __config H'3FF9' errorlevel 2 } // my main program
  5. thank you very much for the tip.... God Bless.........
  6. Good day to all! Please help me on defining ports on boostC..... here's sample progra: #define MODE portb,2 // set_bit(MODE); // but i got this error: Too few arguments for: set_bit
  7. thank you very much for fast reply. BTW, do you have any idea on how to invoke the GALEP 4 programmer to Sourceboost?
  8. hello and g'day to all! i just wanna ask what's the proper syntax for preprocessor directives and device configuration on boostc? here's the partial part of the program: #include <system.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000 asm { list p=16F84A __config 0x3ff9 } ..and i always got this errors: REPEL.c(7): error: error in built-in assembly REPEL.c(8): error: error in built-in assembly failure
  9. I like sourceboost IDE compiler. I already introduced it to my colleages and they're start getting interested to it. In fact, we're are planning to buy the full version and its additional pluggins to speed the completion of our projects. By the way, I'm Angelo D. Catamco working here at Philips Semiconductors Phils., Inc. as Equipment Tech II. I'm currently involve in project developments. We're currently using HIGHTECH C compiler which is harder to use, very expensive, no plugins, no debugger, etc. But now, all the bad days were gone. Thanks to GOD because he created you Mr. Pavel, the grea
  10. G'day to all. I'am new to this forum and also in C/C++ programming. For me, source boost is very good IDE compiler. In fact, I got interested in learning C/C++ thru sourceboost. Please help me how to invoke the Galep 4 programmer to sourceboost.
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