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  1. After further thinking on this topic, I have found the answer. The header files supplied within the SourceBoost env. for 16F1827 is incorrect for _EEPROM symbol address. The address should be set to 0xF000 and not 0x2100. Forcing the address in the #pragma statement as shown below fixs the problem :- #pragma DATA 0xF000, 253, 200 Therefore, this is clearly a bug in the header file define.
  2. Gents, I would like to ask for your support on this one pls, as I have checked the forum but could not find any references to this issue I see. Background I am changing my project target from a PIC16F648A to a PIC16F1827. I have changed the internal readback EEPROM routine to reflect the register difference and find that I read back 0xFF from EEPROM that should have been pre-loaded. On debugging my issue, I looked at MPLAB IDE -> View -> EEPROM directly after the compile to see if the values were being setup correctly. I dont see these values being stored to EEPROM. On th
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