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  1. I discovered that searching on "Efficient C Code" will produce some good info: "Efficient C Code for 8-bit Microcontrollers" http://www.netrino.com/node/141 "Efficient C Code for Eight-Bit MCUs" http://coe.uncc.edu/~jmconrad/ECGR4101Comm...s%20f-jones.pdf http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_do...nts/doc1497.pdf http://www.freescale.com/files/microcontro...note/AN2093.pdf
  2. Hi, I've been poking around on the web and have found that there is a great lack of info available with general programming guidelines for optimizing for small code size. How do you optimize your code to conserve precious microcontroller resources? I have only found one site that offers any advise: http://in4k.untergrund.net/index.php?title...e_for_4kdemos... Thanks, Dan
  3. Degs, Use this one: boost_c.pic18.exe For the linker, use this one: boostlink_pic.exe Regards, --Dan
  4. For the command line like yours 'C:\Sourceboost\boostc_pic18.exe" CPU.c -O1 -W1 -t 18F4550 -I wireless' where input file is specified without path compiler will look for it in the current directory. Apparently MPLAB sets the current directory to C:\Docs\Controller\Software\Project. Not sure how to change this. Regards, Pavel Then I am correct in saying that the issue is with MPLAB. So it seems that my only solution is to place all of my files in one project directory, which is how I've been working. It would just be a bit cleaner if things could be a little more organized.
  5. I don't know if you're still looking for an answer to this, but you can define your value with a 1, and then use #ifdef in the code to set a global variable accordingly, depending upon what you've defined with the -d option.
  6. It's so much easier than what you're doing here. First install MPLAB. Then install Sourceboost and hit the integrate button. That's it. The Integrate button is kind of in an odd place, in the upper right corner.
  7. Pavel? Dave? Can you comment on this? How do I get BoostC to handle source files that are in other directories than the project directory with MPLAB? I understand that MPLAB is not your product, but given that the Sourceboost IDE can't work with the ICD port, I'm forced to use MPLAB. Here's an example build: This time I reorganized the project as follows: C:\Docs\Controller\Software\Project\CPU C:\Docs\Controller\Software\Project\Wireless "Project" is the project directory. Source files in MPLAB are set to: CPU\CPU.c Wireless\Wireless.c I add -I Wireless to the
  8. OK, I found that I can get to wireless.h if I add this command line option for the project: -I ..\wireless But now it can't reach wireless.c, even if I add the same command line option for this file. Even though the MPLAB IDE project window shows wireless.c in the wireless directory, when BoostC tries to compile, it tries to grab it from the CPU directory.
  9. Hi, I have a project organized like this: c:\project\cpu cpu.c cpu.h c:\project\UI ui.c ui.h c:\project\wireless wireless.c wireless.h The CPU and UI are two separate projects that run on two separate PCBs, but they both share the same wireless circuitry, so they both need access to the wireless.c and wireless.h files. The problem I'm having is that when I build the CPU or the UI, I can't get BoostC to open wireless.h. I'm building in MPLAB v8.46, and in the IDE I have the include search path set to point to the directory that contains wireless.
  10. OK, by the lack of comments I can assume that this is not a common issue, I'm just plain crazy, or everybody else here writes code and develops hardware that never has any bugs so the debugger's never needed.
  11. So nobody has experienced anything like this? I'm the only one? I feel so special. Anybody?
  12. Hi, My project uses an 18F4550 PIC. Whenever I try to run in debug mode with an ICD2 or a Pickit2, the target runs incredibly slow. I've used different targets and different programmers and the result is always the same, to the point where it's just impossible to use the debugger. I have formerly debugged with an 18F4431 with no problem. Anybody know of a setting somewhere that could cause this? I'm programming and running with MPLAB and the lastest version of BoostC. Thanks, Dan
  13. Tim, Thanks a lot. This will provide a great start. Dan
  14. Can anybody say anything about this one wire bus library? Dave, Pavel? If it's there, somebody must know something. Thanks, Dan
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