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  1. Excellent! Yes, you are right. Disabling AV and firewall is one of the things I usually try when something doesn't work, but it never crossed my mind it would stop a compiler or linker working. I use Commodo firewall and it was its sandbox feature causing it. Pspawn.exe, I think. Made that trusted and it works fine with the AV/firewall turned back on. Also, it's worth noting that once all the output files in the Release directory existed, the compile and/or build process would carry on working even without the fix, as above.
  2. I've just upgraded from Souceboost C 6.? to 7.01. I now can't get any of the Sourceboost tools to work. They were working OK under 6.?. A compile produces the output: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostc_pic16.exe" -t PIC16F690 -idx 1 -obj Release -d _RELEASE test.c Failed to locate output file 'Release\test.obj' Done Failed A build produces: Building... Failed to locate output file 'Release\test.hex' Done Failed The source, test.c is merely: void main() { unsigned char n; n=0; }
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