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  1. solved, I just forgot to include stdlib.h
  2. I tried to update my Sourceboost IDE (Compiler Version 7.04) When I click on "new version check" I get the message: "Compiler version 7.05 is available on the compiler web site. Press "Download" to download the new compiler on your computer or "Web Page" to visit the compiler home page." But I get the error message: Failed to recieve a valid http response from the server. So I visited the homepage and download the sourcebosstV710.exe. When starting the .exe a command sheel was opening and is waiting for connection on port 0. But nothing happend. So i canceled the shell and then
  3. Hello there, what is the correct syntax in BoostC (Sourceboost IDE V7.04) to use sqrt(). I tried test=unsigned char sqrt(test2); and test=unsigned char sqrt1(test2); test and test 2 are both unsigned int. Always get the error message "missing semicolon"
  4. ok what i found in the datasheet is: ΔVREF Reference Voltage Range (VREFH – VREFL) min=1.8V @ VDD < 3.0V max=3V @ VDD ≥ 3.0V I have VDD=3.3V so in my understanding delta_Vref has to be min 3V, right? The problem is that i have a temperature sensor with a resolution 1,48mV/Kelvin, so with 3V for delta_Vref i have a resolution of nearly 2Kelvin/count, what isn't very detailed. Do I have any other solution for getting a resolution like 0.5Kelvin/count? THX for Re Fizzel
  5. Hello there, I'm trying to use the AN3, AN2 as reference voltage for the 10bit ADC. On AN3 i have 2.5V and on AN2 i have 2V. But i don't get any valid data. When I use VSS and VDD as Vref everything works fine... This is my code: void Ini_ADC(void) //Initialisierung des 10bit-ADC (siehe DB) { trisa.0=1; trisa.1=1; trisa.2=1; trisa.3=1; adcon2 =0x94; adcon1 =0x3b; //AN2, AN3=Vref adcon0 =0x01; //use AN0, ADC=on } void start_ADC() { adcon0 |= 0x2; //start conversion while((adcon0 & 0x02)>=1); tmp_h=adresh; tmp_l=adresl; tmp_h=tmp_h << 0x08; tmp_value_m=tm
  6. till now i havent any problems with sb v7.xx IDE after quarantining preg.exe. I will contact Symantec maybe they can help. But is is allowed to send Symantec the preg.exe if they ask for? Thx for RE
  7. No i don't know where they came from. After installation it was only the preg.exe symantec identify as a trojan. today i start my pc and the .tmp-files appears. Now symantec put these files into quarantine. Do i need the preg.exe to run sourceboost correctly? I already registered my sb-version...
  8. Hello there, I installed Sourceboost 6.xx and upgrade it to 7.xx. Now I have a lot of Trojan-Messages everytime I start my computer. They all link to sourceboost install directory => "preg.exe", "is-HTMM1.temp", "is-NPNOL.tmp", "is-4FRNT.tmp", "is-ANU6A.tmp", "is-W5MPL.tmp" and Symantec told me it is a Trojan-Gen.2 infection. How can i get rid of this? My pc is in a network and the administrator wount be very amused about that
  9. Just want to let you know that everything was working fine. The key arrived and is valid.
  10. I bought BoostC Fulll Version V6.xx because there is no V7.xx-Version out in stores. Now i saw the only way to purchase the upgrade V7.xx is to buy via credit card. I saw that the company where my money from Credit Card goes to is SWREG Inc.. I have read a lot of bad stuff about this company, the software packages and keys will never recieve the customer, the money is gone forever and such thinks. Have anybody else some experience in upgrading the V6.xx to V7.xx via Credit Card an SWREG Inc.? I hope this all will be work, I need the upgrade right now, but my boss will kill me if the money i go
  11. thanks for RE! one more further question abot the #pragma-derictives: #pragma DATA 0x300000,0x00,0x02 #pragma DATA 0x300002,0x1a,0x0e #pragma DATA 0x300004,0x00,0x83 #pragma DATA 0x300006,0x85,0x00 #pragma DATA 0x300008,0x0f,0xc0 #pragma DATA 0x30000a,0x0f,0xe0 #pragma DATA 0x30000c,0x0f,0x40 i have to reprogramm a code and didnt understand what this exactly means...i havent found a good example about unsing #pragma data in this way. Could somebody please give me an example explanation about this form of using #pragma data. Is it a kind EEPROm settings? Thanks and Regard
  12. Thx Dave! ok here is my test-code: main() { porta.4=1; trisb.0=1; //Input -> RB0 -> interrupt on falling edge (do i have to set RB0 as input when i want to use it as interrupt-source???) trisb.2=0; inter_set(); while(1) { } } void inter_set() { intcon.INT0IE=1; //enable external interrupt 1 on B0 intcon.INT0IF=0; //clear external interrupt flag intcon2.RBPU=0; //turn off pull-ups intcon.PEIE=0; //peripheral enable bit set false intcon.INTEDG0=0; //active on falling edge (RB0) intcon.GIE=1; //global interrupt enable on } void interrupt() { intcon.INT0IF=0; //clear
  13. if you have updated your sourceboost version: do a complete "Compile" of the hole project before you "Built"
  14. Hello there, i cant find this information in Sourceboost neither in the PIC-datasheet: How do i set up a interrupt with pragma-derictive. I saw a lot of examples in the net like #pragma code HIGH_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x8, but nothings works (unknown pragma in sourceboost). I do not want to use flag-query like while( 1 ) { if(flag1) { led1 = 1; } } I want a true interrupt where my main-prog is interruptet imidiately to a defined adress. Only thing I found in the datasheet is how to set the intcon-registers. Would be very nice when
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