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  1. I would like to know how to do this too. It seems assembler expression evaluation continues to be a weak point. Often the simplest operations from an assembly language program can't be performed; asm movlw _row%256 003C 0E01 MOVLW LOW(gbl_row+D'0') asm movwf _tblptrl 003E 6EF6 MOVWF gbl_tblptrl asm movlw _row/256 0040 0E01 MOVLW LOW(gbl_row+D'0') <- huh? asm movwf _tblptrh 0042 6EF7 MOVWF gbl_tblptrh asm movlw _row/65536 0044 0E01 MOVLW LOW(gbl_row+D'0') <- huh? asm movwf _tblptru 0046 6
  2. As awkward as it might be to implement, could something like this be useful? unsigned long test32 @0x20 = 0x12345678; unsigned char testlo @0x20; unsigned char testhi @0x21; unsigned char testul @0x22; unsigned char testuh @0x23; row = testlo; 003C 5020 MOVF gbl_testlo, W 003E 6E01 MOVWF gbl_row col = testhi; 0040 5021 MOVF gbl_testhi, W 0042 6E02 MOVWF gbl_col
  3. Don, if it helps, I used movf _pcl,F in place of goto $+1 recently... Cheerful regards, Mike
  4. Ahh, such an easy fix (capitalizing the literal). Thank you Pavel. You have no idea how much pain this has caused these last eighteen days (lol). Cheerful regards, Mike
  5. Some of the other new instructions which are unique to the "enhanced mid-range" devices, like lsrf and asrf, work so I wonder why the moviw and movwi instructions seem to be missing. I was hoping one of the authors would jump in to help since they're probably the only ones who really know the compiler internals intimately enough to provide a qualified answer. Cheerful regards, Mike
  6. Thank you Reynard. Was that noted somewhere in the manual and I just missed it? Cheerful regards, Mike
  7. Which library do I need to include for the "lightweight functions", please? If it's noted somewhere in the BoostC Manual, I haven't found it yet. Sorry. I'm using BoostC v7.05 within the MPLAB environment, if that matters... TIA. Cheerful regards, Mike
  8. Ahhh, that was it. I'm embarrassed (lol). Thank you Reynard, and thank you Jorge. Have a great day, Gentlemen. Cheerful regards, Mike
  9. Yes, MPLAB 8.84 doesn't support 12F1822 and PICKIT2 directly from within the IDE but the PICKIT2 "stand-alone" programming application does support 12F1822. This error doesn't have anything to do with the PICKIT2. The extra word at 0x8009 is being generated by the BoostC compiler.
  10. Hi Jorge, The problem is that my PICKIT2 is choking on the extra word at 0x8009 in the HEX file, reporting the following; Warning: Hex File Loaded is larger than device. When I build a 12F1822 assembly language program in MPLAB, the hex file does not include a word for address 0x8009.
  11. I seem to be getting an extra word output from the v7.05 compiler. I'm using MPLAB v8.84 and here's an excerpt of the LST file showing the errant word at 8009; ORG 0x00008007 8007 FFFC DW 0xFFFC 8008 DFFF DW 0xDFFF 8009 FFBF DW 0xFFBF This shows up in the hex file as well which is preventing me from programming the 12F1822 using PICKIT2. :020000040001F9 :02000E00FCFFF5 :04001000FFDFBFFF50 <--- :00000001FF I've attached my source file. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheerful regards, Mike 12F1822_LCD_Buffer_Experiment.c
  12. Thank you Jorge and Pavel for the additional information. Cheerful regards, Mike
  13. Thank you Pavel (and Jorge), Pavel, may I ask if instructions for using libc.pic16x.lib were documented somewhere that I missed? Thank you, Gentlemen...
  14. David, Pavel, May I ask if the MOVIW and MOVWI assembly language instructions for the enhanced mid-range devices, like the 16F1828, are implemented in BoostC v7.05 please? So far I can't get it working... asm moviw fsr0++ asm moviw _fsr0++ TIA. Cheerful regards, Mike
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