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  1. Your right... I should have trimmed it down. That post is way out of hand... Honestly it's about 90% comments which nobody but me really cares about! Thanks for your thoughtful observations by the way. I made some changes and reworked it a couple times since I posted all that above but eventually gave up. I'm just using a serial bus now, which was extremely easy to set up and works for my needs.
  2. I have been going through everything I can find (Data Sheet, i2c_driver.h, MicroChip AN735 pdf) and I think I'm missing something important. I "think" i have everything set up correctly but I'm not seeing any transfer happening. If somebody knows another resource I should look at with some examples in C, or if my mistake is blatantly obvious from the code below... Please help me out? The following is just a basic program that writes some data from the master and reads it on the slave. Not trying to address the slave directly, just using the general call address (I'm just trying to tes
  3. That is definitely what I was missing. I guess I missed the part where it said that defaulted to on. Thank you for pointing out my mistake!
  4. That was just what I was missing. I guess I read the datasheet wrong and thought analog was disabled by default. Thank you for pointing out my mistake!
  5. I have been trying to turn on the weak pull-up feature of portb on a pic16f882 but can't seem to get it to work. I have been working my way through the options learning about PIC microcontrollers but I'm no expert... Here is some sample code I have been trying to make work: #include <system.h> #include <stdlib.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 8000000 #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, _LVP_OFF & _FCMEN_OFF \ & _IESO_OFF & _BOR_OFF & _CPD_OFF \ & _CP_OFF & _MCLRE_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF \ & _WDT_OFF & _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT \ & _EXTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT & _INTOSC #p
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