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  1. I am having trouble porting some of my old assembler routines written into assembler so I may use it in BoostC. I have tried upper case, lower case, // instead of ; everything imaginable but nothing works. Can anyone show me the errors of my way??? Thanks David Troike void RCV4800(void) { asm { //************************************************************************** //* RCV4800 * //* * //* Receives a byte at 4800 baud and places i
  2. I would like to use the rs232.c file found on the example page in BoostC. When I try to compile I get many errors. LCD_4.crs232.c(34): error: error in built-in assembly for this line BTFSC portb,RxD What exactly is the error. RxD is defined as 0. I have tried upper and lower case and even the _ before both portb and RxD. Nothing works. David Troike
  3. SourceBoost is great!! Received software on Wed and by Friday had a very large working program. I figure that if I was to write this same program in assembler it would take at least two weeks to complete. I have even ported over some programs that I wrote in Dynamic C for the Rabbit and they worked with only a few minor syntax changes. What a great program for the money. I really like the way it outputs the compiled code in assembler. I have entered C language commands to see how it is compiled in to assembler, this is a great way for people to learn assembler too! David Tr
  4. Thanks, I can see it was just a matter of syntax. I was confused between what does and what does not get uppercased. I was looking at the old program samples too and they always come up with the error obsolte variable. So was not sure what was or was not correct. Thanks again, Dave. Regards; David
  5. I am really having a tuff time getting started. I have tried simple programs and can't get any of them to compile in either BoostC or C2C. I have tried many times to just write a simple program and they all fail. I can program it quicker in ASM. This is no fault of SourceBoost rather just me being a newbie. Here is an example of my problem. I can set all this via assembler but can't see to do this via "C". I have tried both upper and lower case for example PORTA or porta. Nothing seems to work. Can anyone correct my listing so I can see where I am going wrong. This is for
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