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  1. #include <system.h> #include <icd2.h> // only required if using ICD2 #include "ElectTool.h" void main() { char i; osccon = INTOSC_8MHZ; //0x7e=>01111110b=>8Mhz ansel = ALL_DIGITAL; lcd_setup(); delay_s(2); lcd_clear(); while(TRUE) { lcd_gotoxy(10,1); lprintf("|"); // OK delay_ms(250); lcd_gotoxy(10,1); lprintf("/"); // OK delay_ms(250); lcd_gotoxy(10,1); lprintf("-"); // OK delay_ms(250); // lcd_gotoxy(10,1); lprintf("\\"); // Error Error // delay_ms(250); } } I want to k
  2. I can't reproduce this problem. The code above compiles fine with C2C 5.9.1 on my system. Sounds like you may have some setup problems. Regards, Pavel <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. #include <system.h> void main (void) { } Steps to reproduce: Any source code has a problem. BoostC is OK but C2C-plus has a problem. It compiled well for Source Boost 5.8 BoostC 1.9.3 Beta, but it won't compile for the later versions Detailed description to reproduce this problem (may contain source code and output log) Exit code was 1. The system cannot find the file specified. Exit code was -1. [invalid argument] Exit code was 1. Expected behaviour: How a fixed program should behave. Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Yes does this problem happens every time IDE
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