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  1. From the Labcenter support forum: This is an old bug affecting not only the PIC18F2525 but even the PIC18F2620/4525/4620 devices. We have obviously fixed it on May 2008, so you need to update your Proteus copy or renew your service contract if expired.Kind regards, Ettore Arena - Labcenter Electronics. Sorry for the inconvenience ...
  2. Hello again ... Found that the problem happends when I use the PROTEUS VSM as debuger. When I use MPLAB SIM everything works ok ... ! any help after that ?!!! test.c test.h
  3. Ok I send an attachment and: MPLAB 7.50 SB C++ Compiler Version 6.92 Win XP SP3
  4. Hello Forum :-) I have a problem with MPLAB and PIC 18 F 2525 that RAM variables above address 0x60 are not changing values in given commands. Any help is appreciated ... :-)
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