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  1. Ok just after eating, my project seems to run normally, I don't know why, maybe it's because I put all files in the same folder. Thank you for your time and the fast answer ! Regards, BAGLES93
  2. Hi, I'm using MPLab IDE v8.63 and I have install the BoostC++ Compiler for PIC18 ( I'm using a PICF4620 ) but when I run my program I get this : Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostlink_pic.exe" -O1 -p "cmp" -t 18F4620 BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 7.01 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Optimisation level:1 Internal Error: Data Type not found id:0xF0000001: failure BUILD SUCCEEDED: Fri Jan 28 11:07:10 2011 And a window
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