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  1. OK, so what was the correct pragma configuration word? What did you have on or off that shouldn't have been? All I am getting is solid squares too.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Reynard. But that did not answer my question. I know how to program in C. I am not a total Newb, I just don't know the SourceBoost syntax. I have found instructions in other compilers that I would like to use, but they don't exist in SourceBoost or they have a different syntax. I thought someone with experience with this compiler would say "OH, just go to this web site at www.blablabla " or something a little more helpful. It can be very frustrating to know what you want to do, how to write the code, but not know how to write it for this compiler. T
  3. Newbe here I have downloaded and read most of the BoostC C compiler reference manual. I have also looked through many examples of code. I can't however locate a complete list of instructions that can be used in BoostC. Where can I find a BoostC instruction set? I have found simple instructions like; while if else for goto delay_ms switch case break ... etcetera etcetera But where is there a more complete list? Shouldn't I be able to find another manual on SourceBoost.com? Please help a new guy out.
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