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  1. Yes we do have a plugin for the BoostC compiler to work with MPLABX. When MPLABX is released this plugin will be part of SourceBoost installation. Before that we may release it stand alone. Regards, Pavel Hi Pavel, would it be possible to get this MPLABX plugin? Regards Frank.
  2. Hello, I found another bug using version 6.97 of BoostC++ while porting part of the microchip TCPIP stack to get MRF24WB0M wifi module to work: (target is PIC18F97J60) #define MY_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR_BYTE1 (unsigned long) (10) #define MY_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR_BYTE2 (unsigned long) (10) #define MY_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR_BYTE3 (unsigned long) (1) #define MY_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR_BYTE4 (unsigned long) (23) #define IP_ADDR unsigned long typedef struct { IP_ADDR MyIPAddr; // IP address } APP_CONFIG; APP_CONFIG MyAPP; main() { MyAPP.MyIPAddr |= MY_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR_BYTE1; MyAPP.MyIPAddr |=
  3. hello, When I want the address of a class variable I get the wrong address when the location is above 0xFF in ram. The high byte is alway 0, the low byte is correct. Global variables work just fine. I attached the source to reproduce the problem. IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 6.97 Compiler: BoostC++ Compiler version: Compiler version 6.97 Target device: PIC18F97J60 OS: Windowes 7 Home Premium Regards Frank. pointer_problem.zip
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