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  1. Ok, can you tell me what is the limitation when using MPLAB with BoostC compiler and also the SourceBoost IDE? It is crucial to know this in very details. Hope you can help me out on this issue! Thank you!!! If anyone came across this issue please kindly give me some comments! You are welcome to put whatever comment you like related to this issue.
  2. Hi Dave Thank you so much of coming back to me. After reading your reply, I went back to BoostC manual and it did mentions about the MPLAB integration. Is this integration will replace the SourceBoost IDE? In the other word, user only use MPLAB as the main IDE if they required MPSIM or ICD3? It is important to know that because I don't want to start migrating thing from one place to another all the time especially the programme started to become bigger and bigger. I hope you can give me more details on my problem. By the way, thank you very much Dave again!
  3. Hi Does anyone has the experience in exporting the project and import the .cof file into MPLAB for the debugging purposes? Recently I have bought a ICD3 debugger and I would like to use MPLAB to do all the debugging job but I do not know how to transfer the code from the SourceBoost IDE. Can anyone teach me how to do it? If you have a video tutorial please kindly post it here. Many thanks thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank Ettore, Yes the compiler does produce .casm file and I didn't realise it because the IDE doesn't view the file in the project enviroment. I have to customise the project and modified to the following string: %config%/%name%.asm;%config%/%name%.casm;%config%/%name%.lst;%config%/%name%.hex;%config%/%name%.map if anyone have the same problem as I have, please remember to add this line: %config%/%name%.casm; I am not sure, is the IDE manual mention this or not.
  5. Hi I realise this limitation when I looked at the code in asm or lst file. I was trying to trace where my new routine has been placed at without the help of useful comments in either files, it is quite had to understand where the particular C code sentence is. Is there anyone come across this problem? Is there any way I can force the compiler to add the C code as lines of comments? Thank you in advance!!!!
  6. Hi Dave, My PIC is 16LF1936. Is there anyway to do it?
  7. Hi I think I am stuck by the BoostC 8-bit array limitation. From the BoostC manual, it stated that using ROM has to be an 8-bit type constant. I most cases, I used to use a 16-bit lookup table for the 10-bit ADC conversion. Does anyone know how to have a 16-bit lookup table running or an alternative way of converting the 10-bit ADC reading. The accuracy is extremely important therefore I can not afford to lost a single bit. Thank you in advance!!!
  8. Hi Does anyone know where can I find library that allows me to drive a SD card using BoostC compiler. That will save me some times to write my own code to do this job. Many thanks !!!!!
  9. Hi I am a bit confuse when to use .h and .c but I definitely sported the differences when using two different files. When I use .h, in the code I do not need to add #include <system> and the compiler build the project very quickly. but when I use .c, I need to add #include <system> and the compiler seems to build the project slower because it needs to compile each .c files. Because I want my main .c code readable in a complex system therefore I decided to spread each small functions or routine into difference files. At the moment, I use .h only for the MCU's con
  10. Hi Recently I am playing around this compiler on 16LF1936 chip. Everything looks fine but one problem I found that is: I wrote the following code: #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, _FCMEN_OFF & _IESO_OFF & _CLKOUTEN_OFF & _BOREN_NSLEEP & _CPD_OFF & _CP_OFF & _MCLRE_ON & _PWRTE_OFF & _WDTE_OFF & _FOSC_INTOSC #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _LVP_OFF & _BORV_19 & _STVREN_ON & _PLLEN_OFF & _WRT_OFF and it generate the following config figures: ORG 0x00008007 8007 CDE4 DW 0xCDE4 8008 DEFF DW 0xDEFF but when I use CCS's programm
  11. Hi Dave, Thank you very much of this valuable information. So, is it that simple as by just only adding that code? Yong
  12. Hi, I am very new to this compiler and I hear a lot of good things on this compiler therefore I migrate all my code from CSS and Hi Tech. Now, I found very little documents describing the debug process using ICD3 or other Microchip debugger tools. Can anyone give me some advices on what kind of debugger tools I should be using and is MPLAB is the best place to debug my code? I am using the SBoostC compiler v7.03 Thank you in advance!!!!
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