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  1. The Count number shouldn't be edited by hand. IDE takes care of it when new files are added to a project or removed from it. Make sure you close workspace (or exit IDE) to see the Count value changing. If it does not change please zip the project directory and email it along with a full path to this project location to support@sourceboost.com. We'll check if we can reproduce and fix the problem. Regards, Pavel Hi Pavel, It reliably doesn't update count for me on 7.03, and equally reliably doesn't add a "Count=" line for the first source file in a new project. It's likely (thou
  2. Hi Pavel, Many thanks for the extremely speedy response & the accurate diagnosis. Hand editing a "Count=" line into the file fixes it and the file comes back. It doesn't seem to get maintained if I add additional files to that, i.e if my project had a Count=3 & I add a new one, then "Count" remains at 3. My project is relatively static in terms of number of files, so I can workaround with the hand editing of "Count=" lines. Thanks again, & best regards Paul
  3. Hello all, I'm a relative newcomer to BoostC (though have been programming C for many years). This is my first positing on this forum, so please be gentle. I've had a search through the forum for problems similar to this, and can't find any, so my apologies if it's "pilot error" and I'm doing something stupid. Here goes... SourceBoostIDE Version 7.03 I create a fresh workspace named "ws". To the workspace I "Add Project To Workspace / New Project...". In the dialog, I specify the filename "pr001" In the "New Project" dialog I specify "with empty source file" & "Boost
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