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  1. I finally figured out the problem... but I'm surprised the chip was running at all. My initial revision of this board had the regulated 5V power coming in as VSS, which is wrong (should be VDD). This schematic is incorrect. I will correct the schematic and show the 'was' 'is' versions on my blog. VSS is supposed to be connected to ground. I added a jumper wire from the proper VSS on the chip out to ground. This fixed the timing issue. Ettore, thank you for your continuing support. I will show the updated code and schematic here and on the blog shortly.
  2. I'm not sure why you didn't get the correct time with delay_ms. Perhaps your XTAL is not oscillating to the correct frequency value ? Try _HS_OSC rather than _XT_OSC as a config bit set. I tried the _HS_OSC, and get the same thing. I have been using another board (from my first project http://roboslave.blogspot.com/search/label...rolled%20Servos ) and that is working correctly. Using the same code back to the original board... it's 5x slower. I did notice that the working board xtal says "20.000N" on the top, and the non-working board has "20.0006" on the top. The second, non work
  3. It works! I am disappointed that something so simple was holding me back. Thank you for pointing that out. I have added delay_ms(10) between blinks and then timed them with my old oscilloscope. I was getting 5X what I was asking for. So I turned down the frequency and that solved the problem.... but I'm not sure why there is a problem. The interesting thing is the timer does not seem to be effected by the change... I don't get it.
  4. I have been playing around with trying to get the timers working on the PIC16F688 and I have had zero success. Here is the code... which I think should work. Please tell me what is wrong with it. Details of the board (including schematic) are on my blog... http://roboslave.blogspot.com/ (the schematic shows an error in the external power... but that should not hurt me here. I can get LEDs to flash.) // ----------------------------------------------------------------------- // Includes // ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #include "system.h" /
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