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  1. I tried adding a break to a couple of places in the code below, to no avail. Please advise. This is one of the examples online. I use a pic16F887. void main() { OSCCON=0X71; PORTC=0X00; TRISC=0X00; ANSEL=0X00; ANSELH=0X00; trisb = 0; //configure port B pins as output portb = 0; while( 1 ) //endless loop { portb.0=1; // set portb pin0 to high. portb.1=0; // set portb pin1 to low. delay_ms( 500 ); // pause 0.5 seconds portb=0x02; // shows hex notation for entering data. delay_ms(500); // you can also
  2. Hi. Where to get a tut on debugginh c code in SourceBoost? Dion.
  3. Hi. Why do the breakpoints i set disappear when I enter debug mode? And I then get the "Can't locate source line for..." Thanks.
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