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  1. Pavel: Thank you very much. I did find v7.04 on a backup, so I have everything I need. Now I think I can sort out the mess I've made with my record-keeeping. :-) -Mike
  2. Dave: As I said, I'm trying to determine which version was used to build each of several old .HEX files. During that time, I've used: 7.04 7.05 7.10 7.11 7.12 7.20 I already have 7.10 and 7.20, but I need the others (7.04, 7.05, 7.11, 7.12) in order to rebuild and compare. If you don't want to use server space, perhaps you could email to me directly? I'll provide my license key if needed. -Mike
  3. Dave: Thanks for your reply. I had already tried to find a pattern in download links, but no joy. (The link you posted does not answer either). The only ones I could find were: www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/SourceBoostV6.97/sourceboost.exe www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/SourceBoostV7.10/sourceboost.exe www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/SourceBoost/sourceboostv720.exe (Don't need 6.97, just used it to try to find a pattern, which did lead me to 7.10) Is there any way at all I can get the other 7.xx versions? -Mike
  4. Hello all: I'm trying to figure out which version of BoostC I used to build some old .HEX files (want to recompile and compare). I've been using BoostC since v7.04, but unfortunately didn't manage to keep the install files for all the updates I've done. Is there a place to get all the v7.xx install files? I'm interested in: 7.04 7.05 7.10 7.11 7.12 7.20 Thanks, -Mike
  5. [ SOLVED !! ] Bingo! You've identified the trouble. I should have noticed those differing config bytes on the PICkit screen (I'll just attribute my inattention to my frustration. :-)) I flipped the bit in PICkit, and the program worked. But I think there's still something that needs to be done in BoostC regarding the DEBUG config bit. The MPLAB/C18 compiler accepts and correctly implements a "#pragma config DEBUG" directive (but interestingly does not document it). I found it in the MPASM .INC file which is what C18 uses for config stuff. BoostC rejects "pragma confi
  6. Dave: Since I still can't seem to get BoostC to create a simple working program, I decided to make sure nothing else was wrong (e.g. my hardware), so I created a simple assembly language program (using MPLAB/MPASM) to flash some LEDs. It worked fine. Then I went back and compared the configuration directives from the MPASM .INC file with those from the BoostC .h file. Everything matched, except that the BoostC .h file had an extra: "FOSC". So I just eliminiated it from my C code. However, I still cannot create a working C program with BoostC. I also downloaded the Microchi
  7. Dave and Reynard: Thanks for your reply. In the tdf file, I did find the line TargetConfig OSC But then I noticed there's a "#pragma config OSC" line in the .h file. So if I change the tdf from OSC to FOSC, the I suppose the "#pragma config OSC" line will fail. Perhaps the OSC line is already sufficient, and FOSC is superfluous? Or are these supposed to be two different config items, or what? ---- Aside from this, is there anyone with experience with PIC18F44J50 who would be willing to share some example code? All my previous experience has been with PIC16 devices, a
  8. Greetings: I need assistance with configuring the PIC18F44J50 with the BoostC compiler. The provided header "PIC18F44J50.h" contains several "#pragma config" directives, from which I chose the desired ones and copied to my source. Everything compiles OK, except for the "#pragma FOSC" line. I get an error: "invalid setting 'FOSC'". I tried all the possible values provided in the header, but get the same error. I double-checked that I have the correct target set in the SourceBoost IDE "Settings/Target". My exact code follows. --- begin code --- #include <system.h
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