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  1. Please, can you tell me when will you release the version 7.21 of the plug-in? Thanks and Happy new Year Marco
  2. I tried it and it seems to work quietly. soon go into to test the final firmware. thanks again Marco
  3. thanks Over the weekend I try and let you know
  4. Oops I looked in the manual but have not seen it you can cancel the request, may I ask if it is compatible with Proteus? I have to do a hardware simulation also quite heavy. thanks again, Marco
  5. please, it would be possible for you to add in output by compilers generate a file cof? to simulate both hardware and software exist simulators that use this format, and would be very comfortable. Thanks in advance Marco
  6. Dave,I want to know if you have any other questions, I have been sufficiently clear? I prefer the firmware, that study English :D Grazie Marco
  7. Dave I saw the example bcd but what I wanted was a 7 segment display object, 1,2,3, 4, objects to be able to simulate multiplexed and configured with common cathode or anode. In addition, you wonder if you can add el "button" mode active high or low. thank you very much, Marco
  8. Please can you add this facility to the plugin? Thanks, MArco
  9. Hello I have tested the simulator with the 7.10 release but it fail again :( Can youn fix this? I work strong with this family Thanks and Regards, Marco
  10. Hello Ettore Thanks for your help. This time I did more tests, and placed the errors you have reported to me, this ide is totally new for me, but I continue to have problems. In the simulation PA4 output remains set also writing trisa4 = 1 and port 5 does not change status. The PA3 that is only an input is always seen output. But the strangest thing is that I can not do the flashing LED on the board, while in simulation works, but doing the program with the old basic compiler that I want to replace, because it has no built-in simulator, the LED flashes. I'm pretty disappointed in this
  11. Hello Can you create and add a default sintax highlight for tha "basic" language in sourceboost ide? The default in "C" language is not adattable for this (or at least my attempts have failed). Thanks in advance Marco
  12. hello I have wrote a little program to test the comparator and change two output Report: of simulation PA2 work well PA5 not work comparator not work in attachement the program. PS in tha "basic" ide I am unable to work with the autocompletion Thanks in advance for your attenction. Best regards, Marco t1.zip
  13. Hello I have download, test, and buy the basic compiler. The example work well and the simulation is very usefull. But when I tried to start whith my first project I have some trouble on the port initializazion, register setting(clock, wd, etc.) Can anyone publish in the forum a simple real example finished to fit in a micro? The increment of the port example is well but not referred to an hardware. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, Marco
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