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  1. If I have some existing libray code written in MPLAB assembly, is there a way I can include it or link it into a BoostC program? I tried using the asm directive and cutting+pasting some code in there, but the compiler didn't like that. I really just want to include it as part of the build, primarily during the process of incrementally rewriting some of the code in C.
  2. I am using SourceBoost 6.92 and I took uart_driver.h from a later version and heavily modified it and am using it in a PIC program I am writing, but it only works properly in SINGLE_PORT_MODE. When using multi-port mode, I noticed that the compiler creates temporary variables for values that are passed by reference, so an interrupt handler will copy values from the original variables on the way in, and copy the values from the temporary variables back to the original variables on the way out. I also noticed many argument and temporary variables share the same memory locations among different
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