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  1. PC date and time (of compiling) can be used, using the following: rom char *build_date = __DATE__ ; // 11 chars. Eg: "Aug 01 2018" rom char *build_time = __TIME__ ; // 8 chars. Eg: "12:45:30" You can access build_date and build_time using [ ]
  2. Good news, Pavel! I've been using SB for more than 10 years, I'll be glad to make a donation! 🤗
  3. Hello to all. My problem happens when compiling and linking several files in a project. All source files compile perfectly - three of them are .lib files, compiled separately. When linking, a REDEFINITION error occurs, in file i2c_bitbang.c "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostlink_pic.exe" -idx 1 /ld "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\lib" libc.pic18.lib Debug\vars.obj Debug\main.obj Debug\io_lib.obj Debug\task_CommDisplay.obj Debug\task_CommPc.obj Debug\task_CommVoltmeters.obj Debug\task_Watchdog.obj Debug\misc.obj Debug\utils.obj Debug\spi_pic18_lib.obj Debug\adc_lib.obj Debug\sd_card_spi
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