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  1. I found the examples. However, why aren't any of these examples (or the location of these examples) not in the PDF documentation? There should be at lease one example of the BoostBasic & Novo in the Novo PDF document. I search the program installation folder and the PDF for examples. I didn't know they were put in "My Documents" folder. If I had known about these examples to begin with it would have made a big difference.
  2. OK, removing 'call' worked. So the last part I need is the proper way to create tasks. The only thing I'm not clear on is how to create a handle that can be passed to SysCreateTask. Do you have an example of this? I tried to use #define like the C examples show and that doesn't work.
  3. Well that is a problem... THERE ARE NO EXAMPLES in BoostBasic. Everything is in C. In addition your Novo manual stats that a call command should be used for BoostBasic. I am good about figuring things out on my own as long as I have good information or examples. And I did sort of figure my other calls to Novo for create task etc. might be wrong. But I couldn't even get to that line of could to see what error the compiler would produce. I will give this a try. But at this point I think it might be better to give up on BoostBasic and switch to BoostC.
  4. Marco, Below is a program I wrote for a 16F877A. All it does is flash an LED on PORT C. But I think it will have all of the basic info you need. #include <basic/system.bas> #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF & _XT_OSC & _WRT_OFF & _LVP_OFF & _CPD_OFF #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000 #pragma OPTIMIZE "1" dim PC as byte sub ToggleLED() PC = PC ^ 00000001b portc = PC 'Flip the 1st LED call delay_ms(500) end sub sub main() 'setup PIC trisc = 0 'Set port c to all output 'main loop
  5. I cut and past the exact same code into SourceBoost IDE and received the exact same error. So I am very frustrated with their whole product right now. Do I need to include some type of C header file or objects to make this work?
  6. I am working on a simple program just to blink an LED. This is my way of teaching myself how to use the Novo RTOS with BoostBasic. I am using MPLAB for the IDE with Notepad++ as an external editor. When I compile I get the following error: Executing: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostbasic_pic16.exe" MPLABIDETest.bas -O1 -W1 -t 16F877A BoostBasic Optimizing Basic Compiler Version 7.10 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2012 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2012 David Hobday Licensed to Henry Link under Single user Pro License for 1 node(s) Limit
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