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  1. Good morning usually , with other compiler, i use several software uart 1° is hardware port with its pins then i use 1,2,3,4.. software uart with free pins Can i do this with SourceBoostC++ compiler Thanks Pauò
  2. I would do a new Workspace with 1 project and use add wizard: -1- i select Workspace and New Workspace i digit PROVA and obtain PROVA._w (it's ok) -2- i select Workspace and Add Project then Add with Wizard but i obtain nothing -3- i select Workspace and Add Projetc the New Project and it work Ok and i can add new projetc Now , qhen 1 project is added, if i select Workspace and Add Project then Add with Wizard it eork ok but ia have 2 project on WorkSpace (i just wanted only 1 project) Wizard is good for setting PIC and to obtain instructions for configuring po
  3. For example in my old project i used a compiler whit 2 instrucion: SEROUT pin,baudrate, text SERIN pin,baudrate ,text if i select pin of harware uart it work wirh hardware uart if i select every all pin i have 1,2,3,4... software uart Can i doo the same with sourceboostC ? Thanks Paul
  4. Good morning, Pic16F876 i think i have no analog functions Thanks Paul
  5. If i do: set_bit(porta,0) ,set_bit(porta,1) ,.....set_bit(porta,5) in debug mode with led block (8), leds fro 0 to 5 work correctly If i do set_bit(porta,6) or set:bit(porta,7) led 6 and 7 of leds block (8 leds) plugin dont' go ON #include <system.h> #include <boostC.h> ............. ...................... void main( void ) { //Configure port A OUT trisa = 0x00; set_bit(porta,0); turn ON LED 0 set_bit(porta,1); turn ON LED 1 set_bit(porta,2); turn ON LED 2 set_bit(porta,3); turn ON LED 3
  6. It'is ok.But i asked i can use Hardware USART and SOFTWARE USART togheter. In my old project i used hardware usart to read GPS ( EM406A ) with dedicaded PINS, then i use 2° usart, software, to read BarCodeReader (other casual pins) and 3° software usart to communicate with SIM908. (other casual pins). Paul
  7. Using SourceBoosterC or SourceBoosterC++ can i define and use all pins as pins of uart software or i have to use only pins of hardware uart ?
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