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  1. Hi, I found that the index of a far array is only calculated with an 8-bit addition without considering the overflow. You will find a code example and the resulting assembler file in the attachment. I think this is an error, at least in the documentation this is not mentioned. Best regards, PS attaching a .asm or .casm don't work, so you will find it below: #include "PIC16F1847.h" unsigned char uc_arr[192] @0x2270; void main(void) { unsigned char cnt; for(cnt = 0; cnt < 192; cnt++) { 0004 0020 MOVLB 0x00 0005 01A0 CLRF main_1_cnt 0006 label1 0006 30C0
  2. I use a PIC16F1847 and the BoostC compiler. I wrote some code which uses 14 bytes of data. Now I have to do the same code but for another data record. I started by writing the same function twice, one for the first data record and the other for the second data record. Because I only have 14 bytes of data but much more code I thought it is better using a pointer, then it is much easier to expand it later too. So I thought, no problem, just put it in two arrays or structures and pass a pointer. But there is a problem, now the code size is blown up in a way that the memory of the pic is
  3. Nice workaround. But I only have version 7.11 and 7.10 can not be downloaded anywhere. Can you, or anybody else, please provide me with version 7.10? Or is there an update for 7.11 available now? Albert
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