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  1. HI Pavel - looks like things are working okay now. I haven't tried running any code yet, but at least the toolchain is there. One thing I noticed is that I didn't need to do the "Add a new toolchain" step: I reinstalled SB 7.11, and included the Integrate with MPLAB step (which failed because I'm using MPLABX). Then I added the plug-in. I tried to "manually" add the tool chain, but I kept getting the "this folder does not have a toolchain" error message. But, when I restarted, the tool chain was there. Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys - I seem to be having the same problems as the original poster in this thread. I'm running MPLAB X v1.70 on a windows 7 machine, and am trying to integrate SourceBoost 7.11. However, the installing 7.10 trick doesn't seem to be working for me. Neither did overwriting the com-sourceboost-toolchain.nbm file. The symptoms are the same as described by the original poster here. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  3. I hope I am posting this is the right place... I am attempting to integrate the SourceBoost compilers with the (current) latest version of MPLAB X, v1.70. I've been following the instructions found in the MplabX_Plugin.pdf file in the SourceBoost installation. I can get as far as installing the plug-in, but run into problems when attempting to add the toolchain. I put "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost" in the Base Directory input (yes, this is the installation folder - I used the navigation option to find it), but instead of getting options in the Type drop-down, I get an error message t
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