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  1. Dave, Interesting, makes sense that it would have problems finding the label if its popping too many return addresses or something along those lines. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  2. Hi Dave, Done, sir Thanks, Kevin Edit- I forgot to mention in the email, they also won't link if I use the linker from within SB instead of MPLAB. Interestingly enough, the label it says throw it off seem to be different between MPLAB and SB.
  3. I encountered an error with the new linker on a project that I'm working on, and went through building some older projects, with SourceBoost 597 and 600, and all of them build as expected in 597, but none link successfully using 600. I get errors like: BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.00 http://www.picant.com/c2c/c.html Copyright(C) 2004-2005 Pavel Baranov Copyright(C) 2004-2005 David Hobday Single user Lite License (Unregistered) for 0 nodes Limitations: PIC12/PIC16 max code size:2048 words, max RAM banks:2, Non commercial use only Optimisation level:1 Warning: Unable to success
  4. Dave, Hmm, I've tried moving/shrinking windows and can't see the expiration notice anywhere. Since this only happens when a new version is pending, I can manage. However, have you tried it yourself? Assuming the notification will be used in the future for trial versions or whatever, if others have the same problem and don't know there's supposed to be a window coming up, they might think it doesn't work and get turned off of the compiler. Just trying to help =) Thanks again, Kevin
  5. Does this expiration notice also affect BoostC execution from inside MPLAB? I'm able to compile my project from sourceboost, but unable to compile it from MPLAB. I had this problem once before, and ended up reinstalling sourceboost. Before beginning the installation process I discovered the latest version, not knowing that there was perhaps supposed to be an expiration window popping up. Right now if I compile my project from MPLAB, it does this: Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostc.pic16.exe" proto2b.c -O1 -W1
  6. Dave, OK, that got it... I figured it was something simple like that. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Hi, I'm just experimenting with some small programs in the MPLAB simulator, using BoostC 2.2. Right now, I'm having problems multiplying. My target device is a 16F737. Here's my C code: void main(void) { init(); unsigned char multiplicand, multiplier; unsigned int counter, product; multiplicand=100; multiplicand=10; multiplier=1; while(1) { product = (unsigned int) multiplicand * multiplier; counter += 1; } } It compiles fine, but Boostc.h has a bunch of externs for multiply and divide functions that aren't being found. Here's what the sourceboost linker spits out: Bo
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