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  1. Not sure what the differences are between these two ways of declaring a ROM table rom char *MYTABLE[] = { somedata } ; // Compiler generates code to double the value you give, as if all elements in the table are word aligned or rom const char[] = { somedata } ; // Compiler allows elements in table to be accessed using byte alignment Any insite? I found my fix so this thread is done.
  2. Anybody know the ASM inline keywork for UPPER? I am using BoostC V7.04 and am attempting to transfer a byte from CODE memory to DATA memory using the TBLRD* instruction inline. HIGH(_Var) and LOW(_Var) compile correctly but UPPER(_Var) produces compiler errors, " error: unknown assembly identifier 'upper'".
  3. I am working on a SMBuss project that targets the PIC18F27J53 using the BoostC (ver7.04) in MPLAB (ver8.87). I am using a 256 byte lookup table for generating the CRC (PEC). The lookup table is not generating the correct offset and I'm not sure why. I have generalized the problem to reduce confusion. In the main while() loop I have "crc=CRC8LKUP[0xB4] ;" when I look at the listing file, line 134, the index is changed from 0xB4 to 0x68. Attached are the relivant files. Anybody have an idea what is going on? ;/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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