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  1. Hello, Reynard: Ok. Noted. Thank you very much for the kind help. Regards, Wanjing
  2. Hello, Peter: Thank you for your reply. Hello, Reynard: Thank you very much for your point. I have solved the problem by disable the indexed addressing mode. I am quite new to PIC18. Thank you very much for all your help. But just to clarify one point. The '\0' is not necessary to be in my program. I think the sourceboost is taking care of it. Thanks all~. Regards, Acroty
  3. Hello, Reynard, Jorge: Thank you very much for your kind reply. I tried the termination but it behaved as the same. I found my string pointer is quite strange. If I want to output a string like putStr("Good\0"), I need to shift my pointer by 175 (0xAF). that means my putStr() will be like this: My Init and settings are: I am wondering if some of my setting is incorrect... Thanks. Acroty
  4. Dear Reynard: Thank you very much for pointing out the string ending point. But my problem is even though the starting bytes, like "hello" cannot be displayed properly. String index seems like abnormal. I port over the program on PIC16F88, PIC12F1822, PIC16F1823 and all the string display is working quite well. This situation only happened to PIC18. Is there any further setting that I need to do? Thank you very much.
  5. I am writing the program in BoostC for PIC18F24K22. It seems like the pointer is not working well. My UART_putStr is as below: putCh() is working pretty fine. But this program: is not working. This way is also not working. I must access my string array in this way: I cannot quite understand the behavior of this program. Any help me to point out what is the issue behind? Thank you very much.
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