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  1. hello jorgeF, thank you for your answer, I tried to use the uitoa function but couldn't get it to work on the lcd. So if you have any example code maybe i could find what i've did wrong.
  2. Hello, I'm quit new to programming with C, I've done some basic stuff at school couple of years ago but it never was my thing. Well after a few years it's still whispering in my ears that i should learn how to program. For school I;ve bought the Sourceboost Boostc Pro 6.xx license. And still own this license. Found out that a lot has changed since the version I had (6.40) so updated to 6.97 latest version of 6.xx At the moment i;m just playing around to learn how to program. Only walking in to two problems at this moment. I'm using the lcd driver from lika.be http://lika.be/wp/2
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